Saturday, 10 September 2011


Daimonds In Avalible

For centuries diamonds have captured the hearts and minds of millions, including scientists. For most, the word diamond immediately relates to a brilliant gem, wealth, status and/or prosperity. For scientists, diamond is known as one of the strongest and most chemically inert material. The very word diamond is derived from the Greek word adamos, meaning the unconquerable. However, diamonds have been known to India even much before it derived this Greek nameThe story of diamonds transcends many cultures and eras and is about three billion years old, about two-thirds the age of earth. Hence, for some it is just a matter of pride to own an object as old as three billion years, and that which has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations and kingdoms!! However, the first gems of diamond were found in India as alluvial deposits only about 2800 years ago. When the first diamond stones were found, it was not particularly regarded for its brilliance. However, it was found to be extremely hard and impossible to break with known tools of that generation. It was also found to withstand attack of most chemicals, arising the curiosity and popular faith attributing these mysterical stones to manifestation of GOD with magical powers. The earliest known reference to diamond is in a Sanskrit manuscript, the Arthasastra (the lesson of profit) by Kautiliya, a minister to chandragupta of the mauryan dynasty in northern India, written about 2300 years ago [1]. Diamond has been referred to as Vajra or Indrayudha in sanskrit. Diamond's supreme hardness was recognized by Indians In a 6th century text on gems called ?Ratnapariksa? the hardness of diamond has been realized and quoted as "The gems and the metals that exist on earth are all scratched by the diamond: the diamond is not (scratched) by them. A noble substance scratches that which is noble and that which is not; the diamond scratches even the ruby. The diamond scratches all and is not scratched by any."
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